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Indianapolis Employment Discrimination

Federal Employees

There is a 45-day window beginning on the day you are discriminated against in which to bring your employment discrimination claim to the attention of your agency’s EEO Counselor or your claim will be barred forever more. This EEO Counselor is not located at your location, and their job is purely to intake EEO claims of discrimination against your agency. See the EEO/employment law postings at work to get the 800 number to call and start your claim. Bringing the claim to the attention of your supervisor does not start the EEO process.

State And Private Employees

If you believe you have been fired or treated unfairly in your employment because of your race, age, gender or disability, or if you have been subjected to unwanted sexual harassment at work,  you must file a charge of such discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission within 300 days of the termination or discrimination in every case, except age discrimination requires you to file an EEOC charge within 180 days of such discriminatory treatment.

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